From Italy with love

It is not without reason Elica is leading within its field. The Italian tradition for good craftsmanship combined with a sense for innovative design, makes Elica cooking hoods something special.

Since the beginning of the seventies the Italian manufacturer has revolutionized the market with pioneering technology, respect for the detail and a quality that you simply do not get any better. All this, has made Elica what they are today – The greatest cooker hood manufacturer in the world.
... And in the north, Elica is represented by EICO.

Here is a short video about our Édith cooker hood.

In 2 minutes you will be shown installation, use and how a longlife filter is cleaned. 

Édith, has been designed by Mr. Fabrizio Crisa, and because of its originality, technology and innovation Édith has been awarded the IF Design Award and Red Dot Design Award. The prize-winning wirehanged cooker hood from Elica exists in three different colour variations. Its energy classification is A. Built with LED-light, perimeter aspiration and the patented "top filtering", which more effectively takes up fat particles.

Édith is to be delivered incl. remote control, and moreover with a wall bracket so the cooker hood can be installed directly on to the wall.

There exist many different cooker hood models.  

The cooker hood is a vital part of your kitchen decoration. Many considerations are made when choosing the right cooker hood - Both design and systems, but also installation is extremely important. Why not give the kitchen a touch of excitement with a cooker hood in wire. 

The thin discreet wire gives space to more ideas, and a wire hanged cooker hood can be used as a sculptural element that is highlighted in the middle of the kitchen.

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