GUIDE: How to choose the right wine cooler

If you are dreaming of a little extra elegance in your kitchen, then an exclusive wine cooler from Vestfrost could be the extra spice making a big difference in your kitchen. But you do you choose the right one?

Apart from the sheer ”exquisite factor”, wine coolers from Vestfrost add a number of positive effects with regard to storing your wine. You achieve an even better environment for the wine bottles than if they were stored in a wine cellar since the wine cooler protects against fluctuations in temperature, vibrations, UV rays, and changes in taste affected by other things. By getting a wine cooler you will be ensured that the wine is properly matured, and what’s more, your wine will have the right temperature for serving.

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19 different wine coolers

All wine coolers from Vestfrost are manufactured at a high quality and in a simple, sleek design. With no less than 19 different coolers there is a big chance of finding a wine cooler matching your wishes.

But how do you choose the wine cooler for you?

- In brief, there are four important questions you should ask yourself: How much space do I have available, how many wine bottles do I need storage for, how varied are my storage requirements in regard to temperature, and what are my requirements for design, explains Niels Poulsen, CSO at EICO.

Regarding space requirements, the wine coolers from Vestfrost are available as tall, short, slender, and wide models. This means that you will often have the potential to make a solution where the wine cooler is built in between the kitchen elements, but a lot of the models can also be free-standing against a wall. It is also possible to join more wine coolers together if you have a great need for storage.

As a new wine cooler owner, you should also consider how many bottles you need to store. Wine coolers from Vestfrost have space for between 24 and 197 bottles, and the options for finding the capacity you need are great.

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Be aware of the temperature zones

Another thing you should take into consideration, before making the final order of a wine cooler, is how many temperature zones you need.

- If you have a large collection of wine with the same storage requirements, then a cooler with a single temperature zone is highly suitable. Two temperature zones are also called dualzone and mean that the wine cooler is divided into two sections separated by a divide, which works great as combined storage and serving coolers. If you choose a multizone wine cooler you get two temperature zones. The zones aren’t divided, and the two temperature settings will therefore mix in the middle of the cabinet and give an extra third zone. Multizone coolers can accommodate wines with different temperature requirements and at the same time provide ready-to-serve wine at the top of the cooler, explains Niels Poulsen.

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Your personal design dream

To a lot of people, the selection of a wine cooler is also naturally about design and aesthetics.

- Do you for example prefer a sleek design with a built-in door handle in the full length of the door, a toned glass front, and a black frame, or would you rather have a cooler with a frame of cast-in solid, stainless steel and a regular door handle? Furthermore, the wine coolers are illuminated by LED lights placed at the upper inside of the cooler, and maybe you would appreciate a cooler with more light in the wine cooler door which gives maximum illumination of all the shelves. The choices are many and often the fundamentals are about what you think looks good and what fits in your home, concludes the sales director at EICO.

Also, remember that the accessories you can get for your wine cooler will be the cherry on top. Here some of the options are:

  • Extra oak shelves, in both standard, presentation and show shelves. The untreated wood in the shelves prevents unwanted changes in the taste from e.g., lacquer work. The wood also enhances the feeling of a “wine cellar” in your wine cooler.
  • Shelf thermometers that measure the temperature in the wine cooler. One of the most important conditions for the correct storage of wine is a uniform temperature, and with a shelf thermometer, you’ve got that in the bag.
  • Hygro and shelf thermometers combine the measurement of temperature with the relative humidity in the cooler. Wines with a cork must lie horizontally and be stored at a relative humidity of 50-80 per cent which the hygrometer keeps track of.
  • Side-by-side kits ensure that your wine coolers, in case you have several, are placed at the right distance between each other. That way they will appear as one unit, while the correct temperature level is also secured.
  • A number of practical bits and pieces like a shelf front with labels, extra charcoal filters, and slate handles for wine coolers.

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