Eico AS collects data about you in several ways. Here, you can read about which data we process about you and for what cause. You can read about your rights and about the use of cookies.



The data, that we collect and use, include:

- Contact info including name, email address, address, and phone number
- Information about interests and habits
- Purchase history
- Transaction data
- Traffic data about Internet usage

Collection of your personal data happens in one or more of the cases below

- When you complete a transaction in the webshop
- When you sign up for our newsletter
- When you create a personal user account
- When you participate in events and competitions
- When you communicate with us

Hello, can I help you with anything? When you use our chat feature you must be aware that the following conditions apply:



Conditions for chat with EICO

When you use our chat feature you are offered to register your contact information in the form of a name, email, and phone number. This is only relevant in the event that we need to continue working with your inquiry beyond the chat. It is possible to send us a message while we are not online. In cases like this, the information given in the chat will be used to contact you in relation to your inquiry.

It is not required that you register your contact information to chat with us. In that case, we will only register the IP-address that is being chatted from as well as the location of the IP-address.

You must be aware that we store all correspondence in the chat. We do this to compile statistics of how many inquiries we receive on the chat, the topics etc. In addition, it may be relevant to be able to document the correspondence that has happened between you and EICO. Your personal data is only stored if we have a special reason for it, for example, in the case of a specific case requiring subsequent contact. 

You can read about our general personal data policy here.

Last updated: 26. October 2019