It might always be necessary to download a document that will be used seperately.

Maybe you would need a instruction manual, drawings og for instance energy labels for a specific product.

If you go to products by the menu, and then find exactly the product you are looking for. Then you will find an amount of data to download or read about the product.


But maybe it works out better for you with a download section, where the documents on all the products are together in one place. 

On the page "download" you have the option to get directly access to some of the many documents that are available. 

Also on products that are no longer active in the collection.


 Do not despair or be impatient if it takes a bit of time to load the download page. There is a lot of data, so it pays of to be patient!


Use the search function (ctrl B) to find just the product you wish to see. 

 Go to downloads