There is exciting news at EICO as we are expanding the business in Denmark and Norway with a new quality brand for the kitchen industry.

It is with great pleasure that we welcome GUTMANN's world and a collection of unique, individually developed and specially produced cooker hoods. Handmade in Germany.

By 15/9 2017, EICO will have the distribution of the exclusive brand GUTMANN, giving you access to a new collection in the EICO area. A new brand of the highest quality.

Products from GUTMANN are handmade, and the quality and clean finish are never compromised. This is reflected by the unique filter system. The unique high quality condensation filters’ grease, with up to 15 filter layers, ensure a discharge degree of an incredible 97%.

Due to the high flow velocity at the edge of the model, virtually no cooking vapours escape into the kitchen even at low motor speeds. 



We continuously update the website with the product range and information and you are able to see the products here >>

Here you can see a little teaser: >>