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Speaking of service, EICO is stronger than the most. Our highest priority is to make sure you have a good experience both with our products and with the support we are offering, if you would need it. Therefore, it is crucial for us, that you are satisfied and your products function the way they should.

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Here we have collected some good advice about your product and whole our service-team stands by to help you, if you would need any counselling, instruction manuals or help. Here you can read more about how to install, use and maintain you EICO-product. Click and see our good advice to cooking hood, sinks, bathroom fixtures and waste systems.


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Energi labelling

At EICO we have a fundamental opinion about acting competent, reacting on time and being proper. We do of course live up to the legislation concerning ecodesign.
The ecodesign requirement has the purpose of limiting the energy consumption and the climate changes of EU. In that respect, cooking hoods will have an energy labelling on a scale from A to G, where A is the most effective. This scale is being revised from time to time, so there will be more and more ambitious energyclasses at the top of the scale.
The exact standards are described in the regulation about energy labelling of ovens and cooking hoods. You can find the directive here.
From the 1. of January 2015, there will be requirements about the energy labelling of cooking hoods for households.


Requirements to energy labelling

At EICO we want our products to meet curtain requirements. Obviously we live up to the compulsory requirements from the EU regarding Energy labelling.