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MoInstall Fabula Downdraft

Simple steps for installing Fabula Downdraft

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Watch how the suction works on a Romeo

Romeo is equipped with Direct Filter Air Flow and the suction works both through the filter on the bottom of the cooker hood and by the horizontal suction in the middle of the glass

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NikolaTesla HE BL/A/G5

NikolaTesla HE for aftræk til det fri. Se om montering og brug.

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NikolaTesla HE BL/F/G5

NikolaTesla HE version for filter. Se om montering og brug.

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How the stream system functions

Watch the fantastic connection between sense cooker hoods, snap ventilation and Lien Diamond/Lien Golden hobs

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Monter Édith wireless cooker hood

Simple steps for installing a wireless cooker hood

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Install Om Air

Simple steps for installing an angled cooker hood

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Steam Off function

With the Steam Off System Technology it is now over with condensing under and around the cooker hood. A patent system controls air beams that manage the intake of smoke and steam

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