To different cleansing and filtering, processes take place in a cooker hood.

A grease filter is placed at the intake of the cooker hood. The function of the grease filter is to protect the internal parts of the cooker hood by holding back the heavier grease particles from the air that is taken in. These filters can be made of either aluminium or stainless steel. These grates can easily be loosened from the cooker hood and then washed by hand or in a dishwasher. The grease filters are used in cooker hoods – both in the recirculation version and in the version with the exhaust.

The other type of filter is a recycling filter, which can only be used in the version with recirculation.
During recirculation uncleaned air – steam as well as fumes – is sucked up by a grease filter and an active carbon filter or Long Life filter (also a carbon filter), which retain any smells. After filtering the air is led back into the room. The air of the room is cleaned through repetitive passing through the filter.

Recirculation filter 
The traditional recycling filters are special plastic containers, containing grains of active carbon, which can catch and retain grease, smells and to some extent moisture as well. These filters have to be exchanged regularly, every 3 or 4 months.

Long Life filter
Additionally, EICO offers the technologically advanced Long Life filter for many cooker hoods. This filter is more effective than the traditional, and moreover, it has an extremely long service life.
Typically, it doesn’t have to be exchanged, but can instead be cleaned in a dishwasher. After this, the filter is dried in an oven at 100 C° for 10 minutes, before it is installed in the cooker hood again. With this simple maintenance program, a Long Lige filter can guarantee effective cleansing of the air in the cooker hood for as much as 3 years.
Removes obnoxious smells • Is easily cleaned in a dishwasher • Long service life approximately 3 years • Good solution, where it isn’t possible to have an outlet through a chimney • A clean carbon filter effectively removes foul air in the kitchen • The cooker hood functions independently of other ventilation systems • Energy efficient: Keeps the warm air inside the house • Does not remove steam. This is removed through extra ventilation, or for instance through the central ventilation system of the house.