Slow cooking

This cooking method is ideal for sensitive and delicate meat such as beef, pork, veal or lamb that needs to be prepared very precisely.

- First, heat the meat for a short time all the way around with a high temperature.

- Then put the meat in the pre-warmed oven, where it will be gently roasted with a low temperature and long preparation time. 

- This way, the meat will be softened. The juice in the meat starts circulating and spreads out to the outer layer. The result is very lean and juicy meat.


- Use only lean meat without sinew and fat.

- Cut out the bone first

- Use e.g. margarine or oil that can heat it up good and fast.

- Do not cover the meat during preparation.


The preparation time is approx. 2-4 hours and depends on the weight and size of the meat and the desired doneness and browning.


Preparation time only takes 2-4 hours depending on the weight and size of the meat and the wished colour of it.

- Push the roasting pan to level two in the oven

- Choose top/base heat and temperature to 130°C.

- Pre-heat the oven room, roasting pan and the grill for 15 min. 

- Heat the meat on all sides on the cooking plate while the oven warms up.

- Put the meat on the grill

- Reduce the temperature till 100°C and roast the meat till its done. 


On ovens, with an automatic watch, the preparation process can be disconnected automatically.


After the preparation process

Because of the low preparation temperatures, they can be cut immediately and the result will not be deteriorated when the meet stays in the oven when the preparation time is over. It can easily be kept warm in the oven, until serving it. 

Resting time is not necessary. 

Serve it on preheated plates and serve it with a very hot sauce so it does not cool down too quickly.