Item no: 4905

NikolaTesla Flame GR/A/88

by Elica

NikolaTesla Flame is a gas hob/gas stove with an integrated cooker hood. In fact, it is the only one of its kind on the market that combines extraction with gas cooking. This model comes in gray glass and cast iron with a straight edge. The model has a performance of up to 5.1 m/s and a noise level of 63 dB(A) at maximum for exhaust. NikolaTesla Flame is designed with respect for and benefits from the traditional gas hob, combined with modern, innovative integrated hood solution. The advantage of the gas hob is that the heat to the pot can be adjusted within seconds - providing optimal control during cooking. In other words, it is a must-have for kitchen enthusiasts. The minimum pot size on the rear zones is 20 centimetres. Nozzles for natural gas and bottled gas are included - natural gas nozzles are mounted from the factory. With NikolaTesla Flame, Elica has brought the best from the past into the future - and ensured that functionality has become even better. Now there is no excuse for not getting the most out of cooking. This model allows for a plinth height of up to 6 centimetres, making it particularly interesting for even more kitchen designs.

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  • Focus
  • Product (WxDxH): 880 x 510 x 211 mm
  • Control Panel: Rotary switch knob
  • Airflow min-max: 175 - 410 m3/h
  • Airflow (intensive): 600 m3/h
    • One out of one gass aspiration model on the marked
    • Grey glass => hides scratches and dirt better
    • Air speed of 5,1 m/s
    • Down to 6 cm plinth → fits more kitchen designs
    • Dual burner of 3.5 kW
    • Piping included for bottom of cabinet

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