Here you can view our broad assortment of cooking hoods, kitchen appliances, wine-coolers, sinks and our different solutions for waste management. Get inspired for more in our classy universe of products.

Design and inspiration

Eico 2-1

Waste sorting. Comfortable and easy access!

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NikolaTesla attracts huge attention

There has just been fair in Cologne and it is easy to get excited

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Bucket H22

White counter washbasin in porcelain. Single bowl without overflow. For mounting on table.

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Texas BL 400

This great sink has a corner radius that makes the sink easy to maintain

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Ceiling Stripe

Experience more space with a cooking hood that is more discreet and do not steal to much focus.

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Latest news from Eico

News, tips and relevance ...

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If you need a space-friendly solution, we can also help

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Elica Evolution models

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