NikolaTesla: Hob and cooker hood in one

NikolaTesla is an award-winning serie of hobs with an integrated cooker hood from Elica. The product line is designed by Italian Fabrizio Crisà, who has wan the prestigious Industrial Design Award, Compasso D'Oro ADI, for his design work. NikolaTesla is a compact, silent and smart unit wherein motor and filters are built into the hob. It has a characteristic design with sharp lines and high quality materials. With the use of innovative technology, NikolaTesla moves the air by as much as 5.1 m / s, which means that cooking steam in drawn down into the cooker hood unit immediately.

This is how NikolaTesla works

The functionality between the two integrated parts work perfectly: the hood, located in the central zone, communicates with wireless connection - the cooker hood unit works either via an intelligent sensor system which reads quantity and quality of air and steam, or it receives information from the cooking section about the amount as well the effect of the cooking zones which are in use and the suction power is adjusted automatically thereafter.

Cooking section

The cooking section, on most models, includes a bridge function, which enables you to unite two adjacent cooking zones so you can easily cook with larger pots. With touch control, sense is connected the automation, which is a wireless connection between hood and hob, or you can too adjust both the speed of the individual cooking zones and the hood suction power separately. There are rounded edges on the hob, which means that it can either be loaded or level glued, depending on your wishes and possibilities.

Ceramic recirculation filters

In the version of NikolaTesla that works with recirculation, dirty air is sucked through the system's high-performance ceramic recirculation filters. These filters remove over 80% of the odor already when the air passes through for the first time. The ceramic filters have a service life of up to 5 years and are easy to maintain. Every six months, the filters should be taken out and placed in the oven, which is turned on at 200 degrees. After 40 minutes, the filters are burned clean so that they can be put back in the hood. There is direct access to the filters from the upper part of the hob, from where they can simply be removed and regenerated or replaced.


The suction power is so powerful that the air is moved by as much as 5,1 meters per second. This means that cooking steam is immidiately drawn down into the cooker hood unit located in the middle of the hob.

Fleksibel Montering

NikolaTesla-emhætten er tilgængelig i to varianter - både i en version for aftræk og i en version for recirkulation

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