Long live everyday life

We spend a significant part of everyday life at home. This is where we cook, bake, wash and dry clothes, freeze and refrigerate our groceries - here, we get things running. Therefore, it is important that the home appliances that you surround yourself with are more than just practical. They must be carefully designed to blend in as a natural part of your busy day. And they must match your style and wishes in terms of quality and design. At Vestfrost, we strive to be a little better, at a slightly more reasonable price. We think we owe it to you and your everyday life.

Vestfrost by EICO

Vestfrost is a brand that has always stood for stylish design and high quality at competitive prices, and EICO's mission will be to contribute to the development of special features and functions that meet the preferences of the Nordic markets. We offer a complete range which includes fridges and freezer, wine coolers, dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers, ovens, stoves and cooktops.