Integrated and freestanding wine coolers

A wine cooler or fridge exudes exclusivity and the design has got to match that. Wine coolers from Vestfrost ensure optimal temperatures for your wine. And that is exactly what gives your and your guests the opportunity to enjoy a well-tempered wine.

The Vestfrost wine coolers are available with different temperature zones respectively, mono zone, dual-zone, and multi-zone. Mono zone or single zone are found in wine coolers with only one temperature. Dual-zone involves two compartments separated by a room divider. That provides a cabinet, that can be used for both storage and serving. Multi-zone, in contrast, provides two temperature zones that are not divided but instead mix in the middle which creates a third temperature zone

The big wine coolers from Vestfrost are produced in Denmark, and these new and modern coolers store many bottles of wine and are both energy-efficient and very quiet. Most Vestfrost wine coolers can either stand freely, along a wall or be built into the kitchen elements.