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We gladly help with service or equipments to EICO products.
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*** EICO is closed from 12/21 all days between Christmas and New Year. Due to extra bustle, there may be longer response time for a period ***

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We wish to ensure that your problem will be dealt with as fast as possible and as problem-free as possible.
To evaluate your service and ensure the best treatment and correctly choice of spareparts, we need a copy of the invoice/receipt and a copy of the nameplate
(Nameplate on the cooking hoods is to be found behind the steelfilters).

- Please notice that if the product is installed wrongly, a service visit is well paid off. If you have a product of Elica-brand al service is being handled from Whirlpool. Whirlpool can be contacted by phone +45 4488 0222 or by email:
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