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Products for the Nordic home - with 40 years of experience

EICO has 40 years of experience, knowledge, and expertise in the industry, providing a unique opportunity to deliver quality products designed for Nordic homes and standards.

eico cooker hoods
Q-BIC by Eico
Phantom Shift

The Phantom series from EICO

Phantom is EICO's own series of extractor hobs with top-notch functions and settings.

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Cooker hoods

With a cooker hood from EICO's line of products, you can be confident in getting an innovative and efficient one with an excellent design where each detail is taken care of.

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EICO cooker hoods
EICO hobs
Eico 80 IQWF-2


With a hob from EICO's line of products, you get a hob of the utmost quality with a pretty, intelligent design that acts as your perfect efficient and trusty kitchen mate.

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