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Products for the Nordic home - with 40 years of experience

EICO has 40 years of experience and knowledge within the industry. This gives us an unique advantage when it comes to delivering quality products designed for Nordic homes and standards.

Cooker hoods

With a cooker hood from EICO's product line, you can be absolutely sure that you get an innovative and efficient cooker hood with a sleek design and cool details.

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EICO cooking hoods


With a hob from EICO's product line, you get a hob of the highest quality with a nice and sharp design and an effective and trusty kitchen partner.

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With a sink from EICO's product line, you get a functional and stylish sink that fits perfectly in your kitchen or bathroom.

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EICO sinks
EICO waste systems

Waste systems

With a waste system from EICO's product line, you're guaranteed a nice, efficient and functional waste system which makes your kitchen appear clean and pleasant.

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