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This is how NikolaTesla works

The functionality between the two integrated parts work perfectly: the hood, located in the central zone, communicates with wireless connection - the cooker hood unit works either via an intelligent sensor system which reads quantity and quality of air and steam, or it receives information from the cooking section about the amount as well the effect of the cooking zones which are in use and the suction power is adjusted automatically thereafter.

The cooking section, on most models, includes a bridge function, which enables you to unite two adjacent cooking zones so you can easily cook with larger pots. With touch control, sense is connected the automation, which is a wireless connection between hood and hob, or you can too adjust both the speed of the individual cooking zones and the hood suction power separately. There are rounded edges on the hob, which means that it can either be loaded or level glued, depending on your wishes and possibilities.


Ceramic recirculation filtres

In the version of NikolaTesla that works with recirculation, dirty air is sucked through the system's high-performance ceramic recirculation filters. These filters remove over 80% of the odor already when the air passes through for the first time. The ceramic filters have a service life of up to 5 years and are easy to maintain. Every six months, the filters should be taken out and placed in the oven, which is turned on at 200 degrees. After 40 minutes, the filters are burned clean so that they can be put back in the hood. There is direct access to the filters from the upper part of the hob, from where they can simply be removed and regenerated or replaced.





The suction power is so powerful that the air is moved by as much as 5,1 meters per second. This means that cooking steam is immidiately drawn down into the cooker hood unit located in the middle of the hob.



A single touch of the fingertip is enough to activate and adjust NikolaTesla. The NikolaTesla control panel is easy to use as the design is intuitive and the cooking zones and the hood can be controlled separately.



The ventilation unit wirelessly receives information from the cooking section and can automatically adjust the suction power.



With 37-59 dB (A), the hood is one of the quietest on the market of its type and at the same time has energy class A+



The washable grease filter can be picked up and washed in a dishwasher. A special valve in the bottom of the NikolaTesla makes it possible to drain any liquid out of the container. The ceramic glass is also easy to clean as it is free of any control buttons.



The high-performance ceramic recirculation filters for NikolaTesla can be regenerated in the oven and can thus stay effective for up to 5 years.

Flexible Installation

The NikolaTesla hood is available in two variants - in a version for aspiration and in a version for recirculation.

version for aspiration

Version for aspiration

Comes complete with standard piping and tape to seal the connection of the pipes.

Version for recirkulation

Version for recirkulation

Comes complete with standard piping, recirculation filters, connection for the base and tape to seal the connection of the pipes.

FAQ about NikolaTesla

How is it possible for the air to be drawn downward in hobs with integrated cooker hoods?

This is possible when the speed or draught of the air in the downward direction is stronger than the speed at which the air would typically rise. In the case of ordinary steam, the suction in the NikolaTesla models is at least five times more potent than the normal uplifting force.

What is the difference between external extraction and recirculation?

External extraction cooker hoods, through exhaust ducts, direct fumes and steam outside the house, thereby replacing the air. A cooker hood with recirculation purifies the air using grease and odour filters. After filtration, the air is directed back into the room. The room air is cleaned through repeated passage through the filter. With the recirculation version, the routing of ducts to a point outside the kitchen is not necessary. Instead, the air is cleaned through flow-through active charcoal filters.

Note! The filters do not remove steam.
This is removed through additional ventilation or, for example, via the house's central ventilation system.

What happens on a NikolaTesla model if something boils over and water spills into it?

Everyone has experienced potatoes or pasta boiling over. The NikolaTesla hob is designed with a bottom tray to collect any spilled liquid. It is a tray that can be emptied through a valve at the bottom.

Where can I buy accessories for my NikolaTesla?

You can purchase accessories for your NikolaTesla model from our Accessories Shop.

Where does the steam go when it goes down the hole in the hob on a NikolaTesla model?

The cooker hood part of the NikolaTesla, like all cooker hoods, is designed to clean the air after cooking. This means that fumes and steam are drawn through the hood's filter system. From there, the air is directed through ducting and expelled outside the house.

NikolaTesla Unplugged

Innovation, design, and functionality

NikolaTesla Unplugged has won several awards for innovation, design, and functionality. The model takes aesthetics to a higher level by integrating a beautiful induction hob with an integrated cooker hood and analogue control knobs, providing a more intuitive experience. It's a luxurious detail that enhances the product's expression and ensures easy operation, guaranteeing a delightful cooking experience.

  • 90 cm cooking section
  • Performance of up to 5.1 m/s
  • 2 x bridge function
  • Extra high power of 3,700 Watts per zone
  • Low profile of only 6 cm in height => fits into various kitchen designs
  • Ducting package included extending down to floor level.

NikolaTesla Unplugged models

NikolaTesla Fit

Fits into standard kitchen module of 60cm

NikolaTesla Fit is the first induction hob with an integrated cooker hood that can be installed in a standard kitchen module (60cm). NikolaTesla Fit automatically adjusts suction power while aiming to achieve the best balance between noise level, airflow and energy efficiency. It has a high extraction rate that is more than 5 times faster than the rate of rising water vapour, ensuring efficient ventilation with limited noise levels. The hood in the middle is completely hidden and can be activated with a simple touch. The glass plate can be rotated without steps to an upright 90 ° and can thus facilitate the suction.

  • Touch control
  • Slidertouch control with light guide
  • Air speed of 5,1 m/s
  • Can be installed in a 60 cm module
  • Sensor technology

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NikolaTesla Flame

NikolaTesla Flame has been designed by Italian Fabrizio Crisà, who, with respect for the traditional functionality and advantages of a gas hob, has combined it with today's innovative integrated cooker hood solutions. This also means that consumers can now bring a touch of extra luxury into their everyday lives - and cooking can reach new gastronomic heights within the comfort of their own homes. NikolaTesla Flame stands out from the crowd with its modern and elegant cast iron design.

  • Easy maintenance with glass
  • Performance of up to 5.1 m/s
  • Low profile of only 6 cm in height => fits into various kitchen designs
  • Dual burner 3.5 kW
  • Recirculation kit with ducting and ceramic filters included.

NikolaTesla Flame models

NikolaTesla Alpha

Get a flexible installation with NikolaTesla Alpha

NikolaTesla Alpha fits perfectly into the vast majority of Scandinavian kitchens, offering guaranteed high-quality, extraction, and induction performance. The model is designed to be easily installed in units of both 80 cm and 90 cm, according to your preference. The 78 cm wide surface seamlessly integrates into any kitchen design.

  • Touch control
  • Slider touch control with light guide
  • Performance of up to 5.1 m/s
  • Low noise level at 61 dB(A) on maximum extraction power
  • Low profile of only 6 cm in height => fits into various kitchen designs

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NikolaTesla One

The first induction hob with cooker hood

NikolaTesla One is the first induction hob from Elica, with a fully integrated ventilation unit. The central cooker hood is perfectly integrated into the hob itself. It is quiet and performs at the top in terms of absorbency and energy efficiency. NikolaTesla One moves air at a full 5.1 m/s.

  • Extremely quiet aspiration hob
  • Air extraction speed of 5,1 m/s
  • 3 Keep Warm functions
  • Sensor technology
  • Slidertouch control
  • Complete standard ducting and tape are included

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NikolaTesla Switch

Clear design and clean lines

Clear design and clean lines are expressive of the exclusive NikolaTesla Switch. The model is in its simplicity built over an induction hob with a display that becomes completely invisible in standby mode. The area with the hood is hidden by a glass/cast iron disk that is very characteristic of the model.

  • Extremely quiet aspiration hob
  • Air extraction speed of 5,1 m/s
  • Award-winning design
  • Full automatic sensor technology
  • Energy class A+
  • Complete standard ducting and tape are included

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NikolaTesla Libra

The first hob with integrated scale and cooker hood

NikoleTesla Libra is the first hob with an integrated scale, always within reach and never running out of battery. With the tara function, it is possible to reset between each weighing so that several ingredients can be weighed and dosed individually in the same bowl.

  • Efficient cooker hood integrated into the hob
  • Integrated scale
  • Bridging option
  • Cast iron grate for deposition
  • Complete standard ducting and tape are included

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NikolaTesla Prime

NikolaTesla Prime
NikolaTesla Prime

Fantastic in all its simplicity

NikolaTesla Prime is an induction hob with an integrated cooker hood. The elegant cast iron lattice gives the product a professional appearance and hides the powerful cooker hood. A single control panel controls both the zones and the hood. In standby mode, all lights turn off and your hob looks fantastic in all its simplicity.

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