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Dansk design and quality

Vestfrost is the only supplier which both designs, develops and produces wine coolers in Denmark. All products which are 156 cm and up are produced in Denmark.

Vestfrost wine coolers

Well-respected Vestfrost has been producing Danish quality wine coolers for more than 25 years. If you choose a Vestfrost wine cooler, you’ll get delicacy, elegance, and functionality in one. With a wine cooler from Vestfrost, you’ll give the wine the right conditions, and at the same time, you get to present the wine in an exclusive and unique way.

Vestfrost wine coolers
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Freestanding or built-in

With different heights and advanced techniques, Vestfrost wine coolers can be a part of any type of kitchen. The wine coolers can be either standing agains the wall (freestanding) or integrated between kitchen elements (built-in).

Less vibration

To minimize any possible movements, Vestfrost uses only vibration damped compressors in its wine coolers. In addition to that, wood absorbs vibration better than plastic or steel shelves and that's why all the Vestfrost products have unfinished wood shelves of either oak or beech.

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Temperature zones

Vestfrost wine coolers are available with different temperature zones; monozone, dualzone and multizone.

Monozone means that there's only one temperature zone in the wine cooler whereas dualzone is divided into two separate sections and thus can be used for storing and serving purposes.

Multizone means that the coolers is divided into two section which however are not separated from each other, thus creating a third zone in between.