Wine cooler cleaning and maintenance

Here are the best tips on how to clean and maintain your new wine cooler so that it stays in great condition for many years to come.

Wine cooler from Vestfrost

If you're the lucky owner of a brand-new wine cooler from Vestfrost, you naturally want to keep it looking nice and well-maintained for many years to come.

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Good cleaning advice

One of the most important maintenance tips is to clean the wine cooler regularly. First and foremost, make sure to disconnect the power by turning off the on/off button. Afterwards, the wine cooler should be cleaned with a solution of lukewarm water (max. 60 °C) mixed with a little dishwashing detergent. It's important not to use cleaning agents that scratch and to use only a soft cloth.

After washing with soapy water, rinse the wine cooler with clean water and thoroughly dry it afterwards. Also, avoid getting water into the control panel.

Stainless steel care products

Doors made of stainless steel or aluminium are best cleaned with a spray specifically designed for this purpose and a soft cloth. There are various care products available from most retailers that can be used. However, never use chlorine-based cleaners, abrasive powders, or steel wool.

Additionally, note that the carbon filter in the wine cooler should be replaced once a year – it absorbs pollutants and allows only clean air to pass through.

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