Faber brand

Popular models

Created by those who know how air works

Faber cooker hood
Thea by Faber
Faber cooker hood
Modular by Faber

Advanced technology and wide experience in design

Cooker hoods with unique performance which also serve as sculptural sources of light and amazing design elements enhancing the appearance of any kitchen.

Silent Perfection

Faber was the first actor to introduce noise reduction elements to the market, and today all of their cooker hoods are equipped with a patented Silk Act system that makes them extremely silent.

Pure Black by Faber
Chloé by Faber

Simple creativity is not enough - kitchens are in need of a revolution

Created by those who know what a revolution with air is all about. Faber represents innovation and reliability.

Originality and evolution

Introducing new perspectives on classical styles. This is exactly how Faber's cooker hoods have evolved.

Galileo Linear by Faber
Fabula by Faber

Elegant and efficient

Created by those who know how air works, how it moves and how it flows - a hood with a simple, clean design.