What do the different temperature zones in the wine cooler mean?

Before you decide which wine cooler to choose you should know a little bit about what the temperature zones in the wine cooler mean.

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One of the most important qualities of a wine cooler is to store the wine at a correct and consistent temperature. Following this, it can be interesting to get acquainted with one's needs regarding temperature zones and whether you need different temperatures in your cooler – or not. Nevertheless, there is no “right” and “wrong” answer to the question as it depends greatly on your needs and the types of wine you wish to store.

Three models for temperature zones

Fundamentally there are three options when it comes to temperature zones in a wine cooler: monozone, dualzone (two zones), and multizone.

A single temperature zone is used when you have only one type of wine that requires the same climate (+/- 2 to 3˚C). Hot air rises, making it possible to set the bottom of the cooler at 10-11˚C and expect the upper part of the cooler to become 12-13˚C. You can use a shelf thermometer to monitor the temperature. 

Two temperature zones, also called dualzone, mean that the wine cooler is divided into two sections separated by a divider. Two zones are predominantly found in smaller coolers. The coolers can be used as a combined storage and serving coolers. 

Multizone wine coolers have two temperature zones. The zones aren’t divided, and the two temperature settings will therefore mix in the middle of the cabinet and give an extra third zone. Multizone coolers can accommodate wines with different temperature requirements and at the same time provide ready-to-serve wine at the top of the cooler. 

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