Checklist to troubleshooting your fridge freezer

Do you have problems with your fridge freezer? Take a look at our checklist before you spend money on an electrician

Vestfrost fridge freezer

If your fridge isn’t working properly, check the following before contacting an electrician – to save both money and time.

Check the following:

  • If there is power,
  • The main switch in your home is not cut off,
  • The thermometer setting is set to the “•” position,
  • The outlet is working. To check this, connect another unit, that you know works, to the same outlet.

What can you do if your fridge works poorly?

Check whether:

  • You may have overtaxed the unit,
  • The doors are completely closed,
  • There is no dust on the condenser,
  • There is enough room on the back and to the sides.

If your fridge freezer is really noisy:

Normal noise:
Crackling sounds (crunched ice):
• During the automatic defrosting.
• When the unit is cooled down or heated (because of the expansion of the unit’s materials)
• Is heard when the thermometer turns the compressor on or off.

Compressor sounds:
• Normal motor noise. This noise means that the compressor is working normally
• The compressor may be louder in short periods of time when it is active.

Bubbling sounds and splashes:
• This noise is from the refrigerant, floating through the system's pipes.

The sound of streaming water:
• The normal sound of water, streaming from the evaporating vessel during the defrosting. This noise can be heard during defrosting.

Noise from the fan:
• Normal air-blowing sound. This noise can be heard from the No-Frost fridges when the system is running normally due to air circulation.

If it sounds different, examine whether:
– The unit is placed level.
– Something is touching the back.
– There are objects on top of the unit vibrating.

If there is water at the bottom of the freezer of the fridge, examine whether:
• The outflow to the defrosted water is clogged (Use the defrosting drain plug to clean the drain.

• If the unit is not used for a more extended period of time (for example during the summer holidays), you should remove the plug from the outlet, clean the unit, and leave the door open to avoid mould and odours from forming.
• To shut down the unit completely, take out the plug from the outlet (during cleaning, and when the doors are open)
• If any problems occur with the freezer of your fridge after following the directions in the included manual and from here, make an inquiry at your nearest authorised service centre.