Eico 80 Fusion IQWF (Link): An induction cooktop ideal for home cooking

With the right equipment, cooking can easily become a breeze. The latest cooktops can do much more than just heat up your food.

Eico 80 Fusion

Take, for example, our induction cooktop Eico 80 IQWF - Link - which is not just any induction hob. It is intelligent and has nice design details such as a faceted edge in front and a straight edge on the sides and back. It comes in a beautiful "total black glass" version with a white display light. At the same time, it has a nice large, round cooking zone of 26 centimetres. It will definitely enhance your kitchen and make everyday life a joy.

Smart features of an Eico 80 Fusion IQWF - Link model:

Pot registration and size adjustment:
This cooktop has an interactive control system that makes it easy and comfortable to operate. After turning on the cooktop and placing the cookware on it, the control system will automatically register this. All induction cooking zones have automatic size adjustments. The zones adjust automatically by reading the size of the pot/pan, and the induction will heat up accordingly.

Link function:
Eicolink is an integrated combination system with a wireless connection between the cooktop and cooker hood. The system is a remote control in the cooktop that can operate cooker hoods equipped with the Eicolink logo. The cooker hood and cooktop can also be installed as standalone units and will then function as normal units. It is always possible to operate the cooker hood manually.

Bridge function:
With the bridge function on the induction sections, it is possible to activate and operate two cooking zones simultaneously. It provides more space for large pots and pans. A must for those who love to cook homemade meals.

Power boost function:
On induction cooktops, the temperature of a specific cooking zone can be raised by turning on the booster function, so the cooking zone heats up faster.

Stop & Go function:
The function makes cooking safer. When unexpected guests arrive, all you need is a light touch on the STOP-AND-GO function, and all activated cooking zones will be turned off. When you return to the kitchen, simply touch the same button again and all cooking zones will be turned on at the previously selected setting.

Keep warm function:
With this function, you have the option of a quick selection of three pre-set temperature levels. When activated, the zone can be set to one of the three possible temperatures. Approximately 42°C is the melting point - ideal for, for example, melting chocolate. Approximately 70°C is the temperature that is good when you want to keep pre-cooked food warm for a longer period of time. Approximately 94°C is the temperature just below the boiling point and can therefore be used to cook, for example, pasta and avoid overcooking.

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