How to clean a freestanding fridge freezer

We have gathered a few tips on how to easily clean your freestanding fridge freezer from Vestfrost.

Vestfrost fridge freezer

Start by turning off the power before cleaning your fridge freezer. You can dry off the inside and outside with a soft cloth or a sponge with warm soap water. You should clean the condensation with a brush at least twice a year to minimise energy consumption and increase efficiency.

If the fridge freezer has full-automatic defrosting the defrost water will run down a drain to the back of the fridge. From here, it is led through a canal in the back wall and into a bowl above the compressor where it evaporates. Regularly check whether the drain and weep hole are clogged, so the water runs out in the bottom instead of the canal. In cases like this, you can use the cleaning stick that’s included or a sharp needle or the like to clear the passage through the hole.

Defrosting the freezer in a fridge freezer

The ice that is formed in the freezer should be removed at least twice a year or when a 5 mm thick coating of ice has formed since too much ice decreases the efficiency of the freezer. Use the enclosed plastic scraper. Never use sharp or pointed objects to remove the ice.

The day before the freezer is defrosted, you should turn the thermometer to 5 to make sure all frozen goods are completely frozen.

Begin the defrosting by turning off the power of the fridge, pulling out the plug, and leaving the door open to the freezer. Take out the frozen products and package them in a thick layer of paper, storing them somewhere cold.

To quicken the process, you can place bowls of warm water in the freezer. When the ice has thawed, wipe the defrost water up, and dry off the inside of the freezer thoroughly. Then you can turn on the power again, and turn the thermometer knop to the max.

You can now enjoy your clean fridge freezer again.

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