What can you do to save on the electricity bill? - check your appliances!

We are all looking at days when energy-saving measures are focused on. It can however seem impossible to get an overall view of when everyday life and all its hustle continue. Nevertheless, it’s a good idea to give your electricity bill a once-over and figure out how to make it just a little more reasonable by checking your appliances and going through your habits.

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Get rid of old power guzzlers

As you may have heard a couple of thousand times as of late, it’s a good idea to use electricity when it is cheapest. At the same time, it is also a good idea to assess the power consumption of your appliances. If you have several power guzzlers in your home that you can’t do without, like an old fridge, then it’s a good idea to change them to more energy-friendly models.

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9 shortcuts to a lower energy consumption

  1. Always fill the washing machine with the recommended amount of clothes before starting it. That way you avoid small laundries that are expensive on the energy account.
  2. The same applies to your dishwasher. The time of starting half-empty loads is over, especially if you wish to lower your energy consumption. At the same time, it is also a good idea to wash at a lower temperature.
  3. When washing your clothes, wash them at a lower temperature – preferably 20-30°C
  4. Set the temperature of your refrigerator to 5°C and -18°C in the freezer. According to the Danish Energy Agency, you consume 5% more for every degree you lower your fridge. And for every degree your freeze is below -18°C you consume 2-3% more. Find more tips on energy savings for your fridge here
  5. Buy the most energy-efficient home appliances when buying new. Find our selection of Vestfrost home appliances here
  6. If drying your clothes outside is not an option for you, it would be a good idea to get a dryer with the best possible energy rating. At the same time, it is also a good idea to make proper use of the dryer’s capacity and not dry half-full loads of clothes. Also, make sure that no clothes have become knotted in the washing machine or smaller pieces of clothes are hidden in the bedding. If there is, the drying time will be extended. In addition, you should clean the filters in your dryer often as the energy consumption rises exponentially if these are not cleaned.
  7. Defrost your freezer. Read our 5 tips on how to easily defrost your freezer here
  8. Consider how to best take advantage of your built-in oven. Does it need to be pre-heated, and can you use the heat and the afterheat for your cooking? Find more energy-saving advice for your built-in oven here
  9. When using a hob, use pots and pans that fit the size of the cooking section. And if possible, put a lid on the pot during boiling/frying. You can also reduce cooking time on e.g., vegetables and potatoes by boiling them in less water.