Which types of laundry should you never put in the dryer?

Due to the risk of fire, there are several types of laundry and products that should NEVER be dried in the dryer.


Here are some examples:

  • Unwashed clothes should not be dried in the dryer.
  • Clothes that have been splattered with liquids such as cooking oil, acetone, alcohol, gasoline, petroleum, stain removers, turpentine, wax, and wax removers need to be washed in hot water with extra detergent before being dried in the dryer.
  • Cleaning cloths and mats with residues of flammable solvents or acetone, gas, gasoline, stain removers, turpentine, candle wax, wax, or chemicals.
  • Laundry with residues of hairspray, nail polish remover, or similar substances.
  • Laundry used in cleaning with industrial chemicals (e.g., dry cleaning).
  • Laundry with parts or accessories made of any form of foam, foam rubber, rubber, or rubber-like material. This can include latex foam sponges, swim caps, waterproof materials, stretchy fabrics, and foam pads.
  • Items with stuffing and damaged items (pillows and jackets). Foam sticking out of these items can catch fire during drying.
  • Using the dryer in environments containing flour or carbon dust can cause an explosion.
  • Underwear containing metal wires should not be placed in the dryer. The dryer can be damaged if the metal wires become loose during drying.

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