Get a flexible installation with NikolaTesla Alpha

With increasing interest in aspiration hobs – induction hobs with integrated cooker hoods - we at EICO have added even more models to our range.

NikolaTesla Alpha

Just like with hoods, we strive to always have a wide range of products. We know that when it comes to kitchen design, many things need to come together. Therefore, there must also be a decent selection to choose from.

One of our exciting new additions is NikolaTesla Alpha from the Italian company Elica. The model fits perfectly into the vast majority of Scandinavian kitchens, and high quality, suction, and induction performance are guaranteed.

With NikolaTesla Alpha, you get an airflow speed of 5.1 m/s. The model has a built-in motor and operated at a noise level of only 43-61 dB(A), depending on whether it is running at minimum or maximum power.

Less is more

NikolaTesla Alpha is a prime example of how the combination of the minimal style of the black glass surface, enhanced by an aluminium finish with refined details, makes the product extremely elegant - without compromising on performance. The balance between luxury, power, energy efficiency, and safety is top-notch.

With the innovative Autocapture function, NikolaTesla Alpha automatically adjusts the extraction power by detecting the active cooking zones and thus adjusting the best suitable smoke and odour capture level. At maximum speed, the Comfort Silence technology guarantees minimal noise disturbance measuring only 43 dB(A).

Flexible installation

Designing a kitchen layout can be like solving a puzzle. That's why we understand the importance of flexible installations. In fact, it is one of the key features of NikolaTesla Alpha. The model is designed to be easily installed in 80 cm or 90 cm cabinets according to your preference. Its 78 cm width seamlessly integrates into any kitchen design.

Easy everyday life

The last detail, which may be the most important once NikolaTesla Alpha is installed in the kitchen – cleaning. It should be a helping hand in a busy everyday life, which is why easy cleaning is a must for most people. Thanks to its completely smooth surface, cleaning and maintenance are super easy and quick.

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