How does an induction hob with an integrated cooker hood work?

If you're looking for a stylish and discreet cooker hood solution for your kitchen, a hob-integrated cooker hood may be the ideal choice for you.


Aspiration cooker hoods - a stylish solution

There's no doubt that induction hobs with integrated cooker hoods are the latest trend, as the market for these hood solutions is growing rapidly.

Firstly, built-in cooker hoods offer a range of very discreet solutions, allowing you to design your kitchen exactly as you desire. Furthermore, these new and modern cooker hoods are both energy-efficient and very quiet, making them highly sought after.

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Innovative solutions

EICO offers a range of built-in cooker hoods from well-known and reputable brands such as Eico, Elica, and Faber. The solutions where the hood is centrally placed in the induction hob are also known as "aspiration hobs". These innovative solutions provide an unobstructed view and plenty of space in the kitchen.

The technology behind aspiration hobs - or hob-integrated cooker hoods - works by creating a downward airflow speed or suction force stronger than the speed at which air normally rises. When it comes to ordinary steam, the suction power in models like NikolaTesla is at least five times stronger than the normal uplifting force.

If you're unable to create an exhaust vent to the outside, you can choose a recirculation model and use a recirculation filter to purify the air. However, it's important to keep the fresh air supply closed during use.

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