The 5 coolest advantages of choosing a gas hob

We have gathered five benefits that you should know if you are considering buying a gas hob.

NikolaTesla Flame

A small bonus of NikolaTesla Flame is the integrated cooker hood, which gives you even more possibilities when furnishing the kitchen.

# 1: Lightning-fast heating

With gas, you won’t have to wait for the cooking section to become warm – because with gas you get an impressively short heating time. You can therefore also get started with preparing your meal in no time. During cooking it is also easier to control the exact heat level - and you can adjust the heat with no waiting time. Subsequently, you can leave pots and pans in the heat zone since the gas hob flame cools down quickly.

# 2: When heat distribution just works

If you are just a little bit into cooking, then you know that it’s pretty nice to have an even heat distribution when making delicious dishes. This is where the gas hob comes to your aid. The gas cooking sections - and the flames - will always ensure that the heat is evenly distributed underneath your pots and pans. Therefore, you never have to think about whether the food will be more fried on one side of the pan - but you can relax - and enjoy that the food is cooked evenly.

# 3: Cheap fuel sources

When you buy a gas hob, you will need to be aware that it requires a special connection. Therefore, you must investigate whether it is possible to connect your new gas hob. For Nikolatesla Flame nozzles for natural gas and bottled gas is included. Nozzles for natural gas are installed at the factory. With gas, you can save money in the long run, since the price of gas is lower than the price of electricity.

# 4: Easy clean-up

On the NikolaTesla Flame, cleaning the integrated cooker hood is no problem. The grease filters and the ceramic recirculation filters can be dismantled from the top without hassle. The grease filter can be cleaned in the dishwasher and the recirculation filter can be regenerated in the oven. Any spilt liquids are collected and can be emptied with a drain valve. This all helps to ensure good hygiene in your cooking and in your kitchen.

# 5: Doesn’t require special pots and equipment

When you choose a gas hob you won’t need to worry about an extra bill because you have to go out and buy brand-new pots and pans before you can start cooking. You simply put on your favourite pan and turn on the gas - and then you’re ready to explore your new possibilities in the kitchen.

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