Wall-mounted cooker hood that matches the Scandinavian style

There is nothing better than the smell of delicious food spreading throughout the kitchen. At the same time, there is nothing worse than the smell lingering in your home for days. That's why it's important to choose the right range hood that can help you get rid of the cooking odours. There are many different models, but a favourite among many is the wall-mounted range hood.


There are several reasons why you should choose the wall-mounted cooker hood model. One reason is that it helps to give your kitchen character, and there are many options in terms of shape and size. In EICO’s range, we have many different wall-mounted cooker hoods - a popular model is the Chloé, which with its sharp and striking expression, fits well in a modern, Scandinavian interior design that pays attention to detail.

Why choose a wall-mounted cooker hood?

As the name suggests, a wall-mounted cooker hood is mounted on the wall. It is therefore ideal if your cooking area is located close to a wall. You should choose a wall-mounted cooker hood if you want to focus on function - the suction power - and at the same time have a beautiful installation in your kitchen.

The wall-mounted Chloé has a built-in motor and the option for rearward ventilation, so you don't have to see the chimney. Chloé comes in many beautiful colours, such as Dark Grey Matt, Country Grey Matt, Old Metal, Copper, Brass, and Cast Iron. By choosing a wall-mounted Chloé, you get a better view of your cooking area. You get even more workspace in front of the hood due to its sloping design and in this case, the small depth of only 35 centimetres. This makes everyday life much easier, and you avoid bumps on the forehead because you've hit your head on a sharp edge of the range hood.

Smart features

Chloé has a capacity of 700 m3/h, it has four speed levels (including the intensive level) and LED lights. Chloé has a soft touch control panel. The range hood has edge suction, which creates an airflow around the stove that helps to isolate the cooking odour, so it doesn't spread throughout the kitchen. The air is quietly sucked in through narrow slots in the decorative panel, so it doesn't affect the design of the range hood. Chloé can be delivered with a chimney in a matching colour as the range hood - to complete the beautiful expression. The range hood can be operated with a remote control, which must be purchased separately.

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