What is the difference between an "expensive" and a "cheap" cooker hood?

When it comes to choosing a cooker hood, it's important to understand what you should look for in your kitchen. However, it's crucial to note that price and quality are correlated.


If you purchase a cooker hood from EICO, you can be confident that you're getting value for your money.

At the same time, you should be aware that there is a connection between price and quality. Additionally, special design and material choices will naturally make the cooker hood more expensive. For example, a handmade cooker hood like the Iris model will be pricier than mass-produced alternatives.

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Cheap and expensive models - and everything in between

EICO's cooker hoods are available in a price range from approximately 1,500 to 24,000 Danish kroner, and there are differences between the products, even though all the cooker hoods are efficient and functional.

As a rule of thumb, a cooker hood with a better and more efficient motor will be more expensive. Furthermore, a pricier model is often quieter. Additionally, the price tends to increase with the number of features the cooker hood offers.

An expensive cooker hood will often be more flexible, for example, allowing the motor to be reversed and run in the opposite direction for extraction. The quality of the glass finish also affects the price and quality—primarily whether additional processing has removed iron particles from the white glass. Moreover, the capacity of the grease filters (number of layers) will also have an impact on the price.

Lastly, accessories play a role as well. A cheaper model often comes with a charcoal filter and without a remote control, whereas a more expensive version includes a remote control and ceramic filters.

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