The small and practical wine cooler - WFG 24

At EICO you get access to a unique and extremely nice portfolio of quality wine coolers from the reputable Vestfrost. We have wine coolers in many different sizes, so whether you have a big kitchen or a small one, there is a cooler that matches your needs.

WFG 24 Vestfrost

It has never been easier to add that “little extra” to your kitchen - and a sense of everyday luxury. You do that with a unique and sleek wine cooler from Vestfrost, which has 25 years of experience in the design, development, and production of quality wine coolers in Denmark.

“The number of passionate wine enthusiasts has grown in the last 25 years and that has contributed to the significantly growing demand for wine coolers. It is not just collectors of expensive vintage wine that find joy in optimum storage of wine, but also “commoners”, who appreciate good drops in the glass and a bit of everyday luxury” says Niels Poulsen, Sales manager at EICO.

Why buy a wine cooler

In addition to the attractiveness factor of possessing a wine cooler, there are several positive effects of storing your wine in a wine cooler. You achieve an even better environment for the wine bottles than in a wine cellar, since the wine cooler protects the wine against both temperature fluctuations, shakings, UV-radiation, and flavour effects from other things.

4 reasons to buy a wine cooler:

  1. Wine is a living product that develops over time. Therefore, it is not inessential which circumstances your wine gets to develop under. With a wine cooler, you ensure that the wine matures correctly.
  2. With a wine cooler, you make it easy for yourself to store the wine correctly.
  3. By storing the wine correctly, you also improve the storage time of your wine.
  4. You will always have a wine ready to serve - even if you get unexpected visitors.

WFG 24 Wine Cooler - small and practical

As earlier mentioned, you can easily fit a wine cooler in a small kitchen. WFG 24 is a smaller wine cooler that fits 24 bottles. It can be built into a cabinet and then you are ready to serve great wine. WFG 24 is a wine cooler with Dualzone, which means that the wine cooler is separated into two sections parted by a room divider. Two zones are predominantly found in smaller coolers. The coolers can be used as a combined storage and serving cooler


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