• Kitchen Design Collection Kitchen Design Collection This product is sold in physical kitchen stores
  • Eicolink Eicolink Eicolink is an integrated combination system with a wireless connection between hob and cooker hood. The system is controlled with a remote in the hob, which can operate the cooker hoods fitted with the Eicolink logo. The cooker hood and hob can also be installed individually and will then function as normal units. It is always possible to operate the cooker hood manually.
  • Delayed switch-off - 10 min Delayed switch-off - 10 min A part of EICO's products utilises  delayed switch-off, a timer-function which starts after the cooking ends, and automatically turns off after a set amount of time.
  • Perimeter aspiration Perimeter aspiration With perimeter aspiration, the air is effectively and quietly sucked up through narrow furrows in the ornamental panel.
  • Indicator for cleaning/change of filters Indicator for cleaning/change of filters Displays a signal when filters need to be cleaned.
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Item no: 2376

Ceiling Stripe 90 W - Link

by Eico

Insert for internal fitting in ceiling, With internal motor

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  • Focus
  • Product (WxDxH): 880 x 580 x 310 mm
  • Control Panel: Remote control
  • Airflow min-max: 335 - 584 m3/h
  • Airflow (intensive): 779 m3/h
  • Lighting: 1 x 7,9 (LED)
    • Optimally angled perimeter aspiration ensures good suction effect and low noise level
    • Possibility of extraction at all sides and upwards
    • Can be controlled remotely via EicoLink
    • Installation height is 31 mm

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