• With built-in movable motor With built-in movable motor The hood comes with a good, powerful motor which is integrated into the hood. The engine of the cooker hood can be moved and placed externally on the ceiling. The motor must always be mounted in a box to create the correct pressure. The model of the cooker hood determines if it is necessary to buy an external box to enclose the engine separately as a supplement.
  • Perimeter aspiration Perimeter aspiration With perimeter aspiration, the air is effectively and quietly sucked up through narrow furrows in the ornamental panel.
  • Indicator for cleaning/change of filters Indicator for cleaning/change of filters Displays a signal when filters need to be cleaned.
  • LED LED The cooker hood uses energy-saving LED lights.
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Item no: 5630

Cylindra I W Plus

by Faber

Island cooker hood, With build-in movable motor

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  • Focus
  • Product (WxDxH): 370 x 370 x 770 - 1215 mm
  • Control Panel: Soft touch control
  • Diameter: 370 mm
  • Airflow min-max: 280 - 570 m3/h
  • Airflow (intensive): 700 m3/h
  • Lighting: 6 x 1 (LED)
    • Hood in modern cylinder design
    • Iconic design
    • Removable motor => ensures low noise level - REMEMBER! External motor box is an additional acquisition .

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