Item no: 7051

FZ Presentation shelf

by Vestfrost Wine

The presentation shelf is the top shelf. Here you can choose to have the bottles lie flat, or the shelf can be angled so that it stands at an angle. The presentation shelf is the "show-off shelf" where the labels are visible. Presents the wine in an exclusive way. However, be aware that the bottle capacity is reduced. Untreated North American oak has been used, as it is the type of wood that is most frequently used for barrels for storing wines. It enhances the feeling of a wine cellar in your wine fridge. The wood is, of course, untreated, so as not to risk damage and unwanted taste effects from e.g. lacquer treatment. Tip: Place older aged wines or ports that need to be served on the slanted presentation shelf. Then the sediment will collect in the lower corner of the bottle, so that it is better to pour without sediment. Max. Load 10 kg.

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  • Focus
  • Product (WxDxH): 523 x 230 mm
  • A wooden shelf will be better to handle the small vibrations that are in the wine refrigerator, than a shelf in plastic or metal

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