Item no: 6419

Long life filter for recirculation, Galaxy, LOL, Reef I / Reef P, Spot NG, Synthesis, Thin I / Thin P (3 years)

by Elica

Consumption of filter: 1 pcs

Long Life filters are more efficient than traditional filters and also have an extremely long durability. The filter is cleaned by washing it in the dishwasher at a maximum of 65 degrees and then drying it in the oven at 100 degrees for 20 minutes before installing the fan. Long Life filters guarantee efficient cleaning of the air for up to 3 years provided that the maintenance is followed.   Consumption of filter CHG STC: 1 pcs.  Free Spot Isola:1 pcs. Galaxy: 1 pcs. LOL: 1 pcs. Reef: 1 pcs. Spot NG: 1 pcs. Synthesis: 1 pcs. Thin: 1 pcs.

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