• Unique Collection Unique Collection This product is sold in physical kitchen and home appliances stores
  • Model with recirculation Model with recirculation With the recirculation version, ducting to a point outside the kitchen is unnecessary. Instead, the air is cleaned through circulation through active carbon filters and is then led back to the kitchen.
  • Wireless connection between cooker hood and hob Wireless connection between cooker hood and hob Part of the combination system with a wireless connection between hob and cooker hood.
  • Autoaspiration sensor technology Autoaspiration sensor technology With Autoaspiration function the integrated cooker hood receives information from the hob and automatically adjusts the suction power.
  • Delayed switch-off - 5 min Delayed switch-off - 5 min A part of EICO's products utilises delayed switch-off, a timer-function which starts after the cooking ends, and automatically turns off after a set amount of time.
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Item no: 5773

Phantom Shift 80 N F

by Eico

Induction hob with integrated extraction, Comes with internal motor - Total black glass - 780 mm - Model for recirculation.

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  • Focus
  • Product (WxDxH): 780 x 520 x 200 mm
  • Control Panel: Slidertouch control
  • Number Of Levels: 9 levels
  • Intensive levels: 1 intensive
  • Airflow min-max: 146 - 315 m3/h
  • Airflow (intensive): 440 m3/h
  • Noise Level: 41 - 57 dB(A)
  • Number Of Levels: 9 + Intensive levels
  • Control Panel Hob (W): Multi slidertouch control with light guide
  • Number of heating levels: 10 Levels
    • Good installation dimensions 760x490 => fits in an 80s cabinet without the need to cut the cabinet
    • Air speed of 7.0 m/s
    • Extremely quiet aspiration hob
    • Auto-Aspiration
    • Total black glass => opaque glass, no visible electronics

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