Prime flow
Prime Flow®

The ideal ducting solution to any cooker hood

Good indoor air quality is important in the home; no one wants a home filled with odours and steam. The range hood is often underestimated in maintaining good indoor air quality, even though it is one of the most important elements. In fact, the installation of the range hood plays an essential role. Your range hood can be as smart as you like, but if the installation is not done correctly, you'll end up with a smart range hood and a less-than-ideal indoor environment where bacteria can thrive in the excess steam that settles on kitchen surfaces. 

Therefore, you also face an important decision when choosing a range hood. Along with selecting the range hood solution for your kitchen, you also need to consider the solution for removing odours and steam.

EICO introduces the most optimal solution, namely the brand-new patented Prime flow® system, which offers numerous possibilities for space-saving installation, and at the same time, it is an installation solution that has never been easier and better. 


The optimal solution for your range hood

No other ducting system transports odours and steam as efficiently, securely, and quietly as Prime flow®. The system includes flat and round ducts and aerodynamically optimized bends that fit any range hood with a Ø150 mm or 90x220 mm connection, both in exhaust and recirculation mode.  

Installation: Press, Click, done

The installation of Prime flow® couldn't be easier. Universal connectors with click elements and integrated double seals provide reliable and airtight connections. They are assembled easily and simply, and when you hear the click sound, you can move on to the next connection. The system is assembled entirely without the use of tools, silicone, or tape. The universal connectors have flexible zones, which practically means that each connection can be bent up to 15 degrees in any direction. This makes the installation particularly convenient and flexible, saving installation time. The compact size and minimal mounting height of Prime flow® mean that the system requires less space than more traditional flex duct systems.

Prime Flow®
Prime Flow®

Minimal air resistance makes for an efficient cooker hood

The duct system has a completely smooth interior surface in the pipes, which results in minimal air resistance and a minimum of dirt buildup. The Prime flow® system features an integrated aerodynamic design in the duct and bends, which is patented. The system reduces turbulence, significantly reducing pressure loss. This increases the amount of air flowing through the duct, allowing the cooker hood to operate more efficiently and quietly.

The efficient solution with Prime flow® creates a superb indoor environment, making cooking a real pleasure.